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Views from the airplane

Aerial Sunset
Originally uploaded by metak.

I've been snapping pictures from airplanes again. (I thought this view has some potential for a watercolor someday.)

14 August 2006
Ten or fifteen minutes out from Logan Airport


Mechanical Griffin

Mechanical Griffin
Originally uploaded by metak.

This upside down abandoned bike frame seemed like some kind of strange little creature, sitting there in the grass. Smallish wings, giant horns, very lean. I think it's a young one. A rare sighting.

9 July 2006
Blessing of the Bay Boathouse - Somerville, MA


Spidery Flower in Spider's Garden

Taken with the new Elph (S500) for which I have no icon yet, I have no idea what kind of flower this is. I'm impressed with the sharpness of the new camera.


Even coke machines have bad days

Coke Machine FailureI was in a hurry, so I neither got things straight, nor dealt well with the flash. I take more pictures now that I have a pocket digital camera, but I haven't entirely gotten over the embarassment of snapping pictures in random places.


Rain, rain, go away.

Not a tremendous picture (yuck! power lines), but the rain storm was impressive and I wanted to see how the S200 did at capturing the rainstorm, since I know a lot of digital cameras can't perform well in very low light. It did all right this time. (Though rain & sunset, as the previous entry shows, are too much strain.)

This was from last June, when the DC area had been hammered by something like 100 days of rain.


Under a Blood Red Sky

I did a little cleaning up in Photoshop first: increasing the contrast a little, erasing some mysterious white dots that appeared in the sky....

Last night there was a really spectacular sunset and thunderstorm simultaneously. The sky was glowing purple, and the rain was falling. I grabbed my camera really quickly and took this picture. I think it metered off the sun, so everything's very dark (and you can't really see the purple or the rain), but it's a neat picture nonetheless. The darkness of the picture does have the side benefit of hiding the power line that runs right across this lovely view. [27-apr-04]


Acadia National Park - panoramas

More photostitched panoramas. There were more, but you could see the stitching, so I'll have to redo them and post them later. [10-apr-04]

Sands Beach, Acadia National Park, Maine

Wood Heart

An old picture (1998?): playing with shadows. I was reminded of it by running across this picture (by Ken Sullivan) and later this picture while perusing photo galleries on the web.

Easter Sunday in the Park

An old picture (from 1996) taken Easter Sunday at the Brooklyn botanical gardens. I like the contrast of the two little girls playing in the forground and the old man on the bench in the background. I can't recall now whether that was deliberate, or a happy accident.

NJ panorama, with ice

It looked like this whole area was flooded and frozen, judging by the little bits of an ice sheet still clinging to the trunks of the trees.